Upcoming Events

Below are a list of upcoming events and competitions – some of these will be promoted in-club, but if you would like further details on any mentioned then please either speak to a coach, or get in touch. If you are not sure whether a competition will be suitable for you or your child, then again please do not hesitate to ask.

Katame no Kata Course – 9:30 am Sunday 15th May – Lopham – £20

For those who wish to learn the ground-fighting kata of Katame no Kata, this course can serve as either an introduction or as an examination. If you wish to obtain a Katame no Kata certificate, then you must have completed additional training prior to attending to meet the minimum training requirement. Please speak to a coach regarding the suitability of this event for you, and please note that places are limited.

Eastern Area Squad Training – 9:30-13:00 Sunday 15th May – Thetford – Free to Area Closed Medallists or £3 otherwise

This training session is suitable for all players who want to expand their judo horizons, and to train with partners of all abilities, from red belts to high-level competitors. We have had players attend previously who have very much enjoyed the day. There is no need to book – you can pay on the day.

East Anglian Fours –  Sunday 12th June – Thetford

Details to follow

Littleport Green & Under Open – Sunday 3rd July – Littleport – £15

For those competitors who are perhaps not as far into their judo career, but have a fair amount of competitive experience under their belt, this tournament will be a very good test. In previous years the Littleport events have been hotly contested, and so it is vital that you speak to a coach prior to booking this event.

Littleport Youth & Senior Open (over 14s only) – Sunday 27th November – Littleport – £18

For those looking for a high-end competition, or to score points towards their dan grade, this competition is ideal. However, it is unsuitable for most competitors without significant contest experience. Please speak to a coach if you are considering attending. There is also a Masters (30+) category available for Men. There is also a dan grading immediately following this event, priced at £15 – or £30 for both the competition and the grading).


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